Bottomless Beats

Choose three delicious courses from the menu below (any starter, any pizza or pasta and any dessert) with unlimited drinks* for 2hours. 

Please remember to stay at your table. Only one drink per person may be ordered at a time. 


Choose from one of our hot or cold starters

Cold starters

5. Large Signature Single Bruschetta
Our signature garlic and herb infused toasted bruschetta generously topped with one of the following:

A.Tomato concasse with garlic and basil
B. Buffalo mozzarella and Parma ham
C. King prawns with smoked Italian pepper and lemon and parsley gremolata

8. Avocado and King Prawn Salad
Large king prawns with sliced avocado and a delicious fresh guacamole mousse over lightly dressed mixed leaves

9. Caprese Salad
Chunky slices of locally-grown tomatoes, topped with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil leaves

10. Bianco Caesar Salad
Classic Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parmesan shavings, lightly charred lettuce hearts and our homemade Caesar dressing


A) Lemon and herb chicken breast
B) Steamed king prawns

Hot starters

           3. Dough Balls with Double Dipping Sauce   
Roast garlic and oregano aioli and spicy tomato marinara 

14. Garlic Prawns & Artichokes
King prawns and diced artichoke, all baked in shellfish stock, garlic and olive oil, topped with a breadcrumb and chive crust

16. Roasted Mushrooms with Italian Spicy Sausage
Mushrooms filled with spiced Italian sausage and topped with garlic bread crumbs and parmesan cheese before roasting

17. Crispy Squid and Lemon Aioli
Tender squid in a crispy batter, served with lemon aioli and a dusting of chiliflakes



30. Margherita
Tomato sauce and our finest mozzarella cheese

32. Pepperoni
A devilishly good margarita pizza topped with spicy salami

33. Calzone with Ham & Mushroom
Folded pizza filled with tomato, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella and ricotta

34. Hawaiian
Margarita pizza with pineapple and York ham

36. Quattro Stagioni
Our finest margarita divided into four quarters: ham, mushrooms, salami and black olives

37. Ragu Bolognese
Margarita pizza topped with our home made Bolognese sauce

40. BBQ Chicken
Shredded chicken breast with barbecue sauce and caramelised onions

41. Quattro Formaggi (without tomato)
Roman style white pizza made with four classic Italian cheeses

43. Spiced King Prawn & Red Pepper
A medium spiced prawn and red pepper pizza, finished with mozzarella, parmesan and oregano

46. Capricciosa
Classic pizza with yorkham, mushrooms, olives and artichokes



60. Spaghetti Napolitana
Spaghetti with our homemade tomato and basil sauce

61. Penne Arrabbiata
Pasta tubes with olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato, a hint of spice and torn fresh basil

62. Steak Meatballs in Marinara Sauce
Two of our finest cuts of steak, minced, herbed, pan-fried then finished in a spicy marinara sauce and served with spaghetti

63. Linguine Carbonara
Thin ribbons of pasta with grated parmesan, egg-yolk, a touch of cream and crispy pancetta

64. Tagliatelle al ́Ragù Bolognese
The sauce for this classic dish is a closely guarded secret

65. Classic Lasagne
Made with fresh ricotta cheese and buffalo mozzarella then topped with our home made béchamel sauce


70. Chicken Cacciatore with Rigatoni
Tender pieces of chicken breast sautéed with fresh tomato, onion, garlic, basil and a hint of spice

71. Chicken, Zucchini & Pancetta over Tagliatelle
Pan roasted chicken with crispy pancetta, zucchini, red onion over tagliatelle in garlic cream. A Bianco original recipe

72. Spaghetti Al Filetto (Fillet Steak)
Strips of fillet steak, fresh tomato, garlic, oregano, black olives, capers and parsley


79. House Special Seafood Spaghetti Nero
Black spaghetti, tossed with fresh scallops, squid, prawns, olive oil, garlic, fresh lemon and aromatic herbs

81. Spicy Garlic King Prawns over Tagliatelle
Thin ribbons of pasta, king prawns, garlic and spicy oil sauteed with cream and tomato

82. Linguine with King Prawns
Artisan linguine pasta with king prawns, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, rocket and roasted shallots


Chocolate Fondant
Italian Cheesecake
Chocolate Brownie
Ice Cream


WINE – house red | house white | house rosé – 175ml

BEER – Heineken



* Our dishes may contain some ingredients or traces of allergens, if you have a food allergy or intolerance please consult our staff, thank you.

*IGIC not include